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About the Sacramento Area Chapter of NARPM®

History of Chapter by Robert Machado, Founding President

In January 1992, Rocky Maxwell of San Jose, CA and Steve Urie of Mesa, Arizona came to Sacramento to spread the word about a new trade association.  It was called the National Association of Residential Property Managers or simply NARPM. Steve was the current national president and Rocky was president elect.  I was looking for just such an organization to help with training and career development for my staff. We managed about 1,000 properties at the time and in 1992 there was no professional organization dedicated to the single family management professional in our area.  I had just earned the CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation from IREM and knew that most single family property managers would not go in that direction.  There were 12 property managers at that meeting, including myself and Robert Webber, our recently deceased charter member here in Sacramento.

During the NARPM recruitment meeting, at the urging of Robert Webber, I agreed to organize the Sacramento area and soon became the first president of the new Sacramento Chapter of NARPM.  It was a fulfilling experience as we initially had about 25 members and grew from there.  The first meeting we held reminds me now of a religious revival meeting.  Excitement was the order of the day as we registered local property managers for the luncheon.  The first meeting was held in a private room at a local restaurant.  Space was tight.  Rocky Maxwell returned to Sacramento to speak and he was impressed with our enthusiasm. We had Robert Webber, Ted White, Fe Forner,  Sherry Lettrell, Roger Cornette, Judy Cornette, Doug Kline, Jean Angel, Tom and Annamae Galligan, Bill Horne, Jean and Lee Storms,  Judy Jacobs, and Robert Winger at those early meetings.  Everyone was hungry, but not just for lunch.  We were all excited to be part of something that was beyond what we were used to.   We wanted to share stories.  We shared our favorite forms.  We introduced our vendors to the group.  It was unique at that time for single family property managers to even know each other let alone share forms and ideas.  We all became lifelong friends.

That first meeting was in April 1992.  Bob Webber took on the job to incorporate the chapter and we held board meetings right away and worked on hosting national courses as well as creating local education.  Doug Kline was instrumental in getting our local home grown classes underway.

At the same time, the local Sacramento NARPM Board of Directors was busy arranging for membership meetings lining up vendor support, and creating a monthly newsletter. This was a team effort.  Everyone was eager to help and we all benefitted as we continue to do today.

I subscribe to the theory that a bigger NARPM is a better NARPM.  While it may not apply to your property management company, it does to a trade association.  More members equals more ideas, better classes, more networking, more legislative advocacy, more leadership opportunities, and more friends.

Being a part of NARPM has changed my life for the better.  I am proud to call myself a professional property manager and a member of the Sacramento Chapter of NARPM.

Robert Machado, RMP, MPM National President 1996-1997 Sacramento Chapter Co-Founder & President 1992/1993


  • Paul Villaluz Weubbe, 2023
  • Kim Prindle, 2022
  • Kesha Jenkins RMP, 2021
  • Rodney Luman, 2020
  • Katy Drack RMP, 2019
  • Jeff Slodowitz, 2018
  • Alejandro White RMP, 2017
  • Cheryl Muzinich, 2016
  • Shawn Collins, RMP candidate 2014/2015
  • Robert Thomas RMP 2013
  • Sarah Laroa RMP 2012
  • Derek Clark 2010/2011
  • Lisa Wells 2009/2010
  • Deanna Blanton RMP 2008
  • Lambert Munz RMP 2007
  • Janet Regan RMP, MPM 2005/2006
  • Deborah Henning RMP 2004
  • Steve Brooks 2003
  • Don Hay RMP, MPM 2002
  • Ted White RMP, MPM 2001
  • Doug Klein RMP 2000
  • Bill Horne RMP, MPM 1999
  • Robert Winger RMP, MPM 1998
  • Sherry Luttrell RMP, MPM 1997
  • Judy Jacobs RMP, MPM 1996
  • Jean Storns RMP, MPM 1995
  • Debbi Hart RMP, MPM 1994
  • Robert Machado RMP, MPM 1992/1993